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This is a *theoretically* comprehensive list of towns/villages/points along the Salkantay Trek:

Town List 1

The list above has been combined from various tour itinerary descriptions and maps available online. The travel times are consistent with our experience; however do keep in mind - everyone walks at a different pace.

The one single thing I wish I had during our travels is a GPS, so I will have to resort to records of others for a true visual of the Salkantay Trek to accompany our blog.

Thanks to "jwheidmeijer" of for his record of the Salkantay Trek:

According to other sources this map for $25 includes the full Salkantay Trail GPS trek:

Some best free maps I found online:

One of the few (if not the only) accurate and mostly comprehensive treks laid out on a scaled, almost topo map. (Follow the left most trek - this is the "Alternative Salkantay"; Inka Trail is on the right):

A minimal representation of the trek on an accurate scaled map:

This map is one of the first results in Google and is pretty good, however note that you should NOT rely on the scale to judge distances, ie: Lucmabamba is actually only ~30 min walk from La Playa while the distance on the map is huge:

 This is a typical map you will find at tour agencies, mostly useless other than examining distances between indicated overnight camping locations:


breizh said...

I'm preparing my trip to PerĂ¹ for this Avril (2011).
I don't know if you can help me, or someoneelse, but, in your opinion, which is the best trek to do between:
- the Salcantay Trek, as you fine describe (5 days)
- the classic Inca Trail (4 days)
I know that for the Inca Trail I'll be bound to go with an agency, but apart that, I mean which of the 2 trail is really the BEST to visit and know the history and the beauty of this part of PerĂ¹?

Thanks very much,

February 15, 2011 at 5:30 AM

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