Day 4*: La Playa / Llactapata - Aguas Callientes

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We did NOT do this part of the trek as we were advised against it by tour guides, but mostly we were short on time. The information below was gathered from accounts of others:

The trail from La Playa past Llactapata to Hydro Electrica is easy to find. We were cautioned that this part of the trek is difficult with many uphills and downhills. Llactapata is an ancient ruins site that can be visited on the way, although I am not sure whether you would pass through it or would need to make a side trip off the Salkantay trek.

     La Playa (2,100m / 6,900ft) to Lucmabamba (2,000m / 6,600ft) = 0.5hr
     Lucmabamba (2,000m / 6,600ft) to Llactapata (2,600m / 8,700ft) = 3hrs (?); uphill
    Llactapata (2,600m / 8,700ft) to Hydro Electrica (2,050m / 6,700ft) = 2hrs; downhill
    Hydro Electrica (2,050m / 6,700ft) to Aguas Callientes (2,050m / 6,700ft) = 2.5hrs; flat

Hydro Electrica is an end train station. Trains to Aguas Callientes depart twice daily: at 4AM and 4PM. Therefore, if you make it to Hydro Electrica on time you can take the $8 (?) train ride to the town.

For the description of the hike from Hydro Electrica to Aguas Callientes go here.


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