Getting There

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Start:          4:00AM - Urubamba (3,050m / 10,000ft)
End:            8:30AM - Soraypampa (3,850m / 12,600ft)
Via / Time: Taxi / 4.5 hours
Cost:          200 Soles

There are buses that run from Urubamba to Mollepata (2,800m / 9,200ft). Many tour companies start their hike at Mollepata, however until you get to Soraypampa the route is mostly on drivable roads through villages and small towns, although with very little traffic.
We were recommended to save our legs and a whole day of hiking and skipping this least interesting part of the trek by starting at Soraypampa instead, which is where many tours spend their first night.

In order to get past Mollepata you must take a taxi. We took a taxi directly from Urubamba (where we stayed) in order to start the hike as early in the morning as possible. You must arrange this with a taxi driver ahead of time as the trip starts very early in the morning, it is long, difficult, and requires 4-wheel drive. This can be done by going to the main bus/taxi stop, asking around, and exchanging contact information. Make sure to confirm your ride the night before.

The taxi cost us 200 Soles, which is not bad, considering the distance and road conditions. (Price from Cuzco should be approximately the same, if you look at the relative locations on the map). The route starts with a highway and includes a 4 Soles toll. After reaching Mollepata you will start winding uphill on a dirt/gravel path. Eventually you reach remote villages; the road here becomes very rocky and hopefully you won't lose a muffler or anything worse along the way; the route splits and twists many times and your driver will most likely have to ask for directions.

After about 4.5-5 hours you will reach a large farm field with only mountains ahead. Hike on!

NOTE: We heard that horses can be rented at Mollepata. This could present a couple of adventurous options - either taking horses up to Soraypampa and hiking from there; or potentially taking them all the way up the trek with you - this way you avoid carrying a heavy load but still not going with a group tour. We haven't explored these possibilities, but please let us know your experiences!


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