Day 2: Huaracmachay - Collpapampa

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Start:         08:30 - Huaracmachay (3,800m / 12,500ft)
End:           16:15 - Collpapampa (2,850m / 9,400ft)
Hike:          All downhill rocky trail

08:30   Huaracmachay (3,800m / 12,500ft)
It took us about 30 minutes to get to the campgrounds of Huaracmachay from our overnight location. At all camp spots there is a kiosk for your main supplies such as water, snacks, toilet paper, sweets, and possibly some basic food for cooking.
The town of Huaracmachay seems to lay a little further down the trail and goes by many names including Huayrac, Huayra(c)pampa, or Huayracpunko.

This day's hike immersed in observations of rapidly changing flora and fauna as you descend from the mountainous climate to the tropics.

As you leave the clouds and boulders behind, vegetation emerges and if you are lucky - you may catch a hummingbird. 

***     We passed another campsite around 3PM. It may have been Rayanpata or Andenes. 

16:50   Collpapampa (2,850m / 9,400ft)
By the end of the day hiking downhill seems harder than the first day's ascent. The heels are now less of a problem than the sore toes, but thanks to REI for great hiking shoes and athletic tape.
Collpapampa goes by MANY different names including Collpabamba, Colcapampa, Colpampampa, Colpampa, and... Aguas Termales as shown on the most googled map of the Salkantay Trek. Note that there are no hot springs here. You will have to wait one more day until Santa Theresa or Aguas Callientes.

This was our first overnight at a group campground. Again a kiosk with basic supplies was available, and we were offered to purchase a hearty cooked dinner from the hostess, although we resorted to consuming our heavy quinoa instead (and it was OH so good.. maybe because it was my first meal in 2 days).

The night was warm and comfortable. It was still inside-sleeping-bag weather, but the temperature was very mild (I have a 0F Big Agnes down sleeping bag).

Among tour guide's horses, local chickens and pigs we met the cutest three little piggies that loved to play.
I made a friend as well. I named her Bella and she was our companion for the rest of the night and the next morning, until we had to part.


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